People are where our passion for taking pictures really lies. And we also like going out and about to try and find interesting places or people in which to take pictures of – and we don’t half find some characters sometimes!

Some people want their picture taken for particular reasons and we are very happy to accommodate you with this. If you have a particular reason or just for the sake of having a half decent picture on your Facebook page then we can help.

We have professional portable studio lighting, so we can come to you or we can take pictures in a setting of your choosing. We are quite happy to offer model or actor portfolios showing a range of styles or expressions – and again if you have something in mind for these then please let your creativeness flow, or we can do individual or family portraits to suit you.

Once your images have been edited (and don’t worry about that annoying spot on the day!) then they can be printed on any size you want from 4” by 6” to super large posters or canvases, or put into albums to show your friends and family or quite simply put onto a DVD to do with what you like.

We don’t give out prices on our site because we would rather tailor individual needs to each of our clients, depending on what they want. Please go to our contact page if you would like any further information , or would like to book our services.

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Leah Denburgs - 21st Birthday

Leah Denburgs - 21st Birthday